About me


This is my collection of Ayurvedic goods I have made throughout my years of studies. I found that when I was making herbal and essential oil blends for myself, my friends and family that it was my true passion. I have studied Ayurvedic medicine for 4 years now and have also taken many courses on herbs and natural medicine. I found Ayurvedic medicine to be something that was the healing practice for me. I have had chronic digestive, bladder and kidney issues that have started since I was 4 years old. This to me was an eye opening practice that is truly simple and effective. I have perfected these blends for a while now. Mostly I educate and sell at farmers markets in Victoria B.C. I ask that my community gives me back their glass jars and I give them money back to encourage a better recycling program. I also use recyclable products for my shipping. I hope you enjoy the products as much as everyone I know has.